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Normally, women tend to be open with each other about these things. If I recall correctly from my poly sci course, Locke Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories Hobbes talked about the brutish life people would have without a social contract that was entered into consentually.

I think they were referring to how one person could do harm to another in a state of nature. But in the case of spanking, a daughter who does not implicitly or explicitly enter into an agreement to cede some of her control to her mom is in fact harming herself, Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories someone else.

What I also think is interesting—Retired Professor—is that the idea of social contract developed in the era of englightenment.

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I think you and the Prof are basically in the same page, although I am not sure that bringing in Locke or Hobbes helps us much. Suffice to say that there is an aspect to your life which while being unconventional, is by no means rare, and you find wholly beneficially.

It sounds as if your friend is also spanked. After all do you really want her to know that you are spanked so publically?

But the way she answered my questions makes me believe even more than before that my friend is being Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories by her mom Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories my mom could very well be present sometimes. You asked whether I want my friend to know I am spanked so publicly.

Even though I am so embarrassed when my mom spanks me, in some strange way, I want my friend to know that her own mom sometimes sees me bare — being punished and doing corner time with hands behind my head and my feet apart. I wonder what it would like if my own friend were to see me that way. Also, what would it would be like if I saw her like that? Like you said, there is no coercion. This was a radical departure from the divine rights monarch model that Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories Hobbes.

Actually, as originally proposed by Hobbes, the social contract was a product of midth century English Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories. By the late 17th century, John Locke pushed the monarch to the side and proposed legislative supremacy.

This novel idea took hold in the fledgling United States. I do know of one genuine domestic arrangement such as this with a UK College woman of around your age, but that — it seems — is an isolated case.

Most of my UK references go back to at least the early s and before. Perhaps its just British reserve and the prevalence of analysts in the US that Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories more disclosure. You are welcome DJ. I do know that until very recently, public schools were allowed to paddle kids but in many but not every state, laws Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories been passed to remove paddling as a possible punishment at school.

I live in the midwest in the US and I do know that certain parts of the US — including where I live — are very traditional and the use of corporal punishment is certainly not unheard of.

In doing some investigation on the net, what is interesting is the implement used. As I said, public schools in my country used and some still use the paddle. I know that in the UK, the cane was at one time used.

I have never even seen a cane but have seen pictures of them. I read about the tawse as well. At home, parents in the US use their hands, hairbrushes and trust me wooden hairbrushes focus the pain and hurt like crazyand the strap. The strap hurts like crazy too and is also used on the thighs. I understand that in the UK, a plimsole a term I had never heard of before was used.

I Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories the choice of implement is regionalized. This is weird. I kissed it. I raised it to my lips and kissed it. Kissed the strap that bit into the soft flesh of my bottom and caused me agony. As for the cane it was happily abolished in state education in the UK from and private education in Its use in private homes was and is perhaps not uncommon.

The taws was used in Scotland and parts of North East England and was in effect just a heavy leather strap — mostly — but not exclusively applied to the hands. I mentioned in an earlier post that the embarrassment factor seems to be more important to me than the pain factor when my mom punishes me, especially when her friend is present to observe.

There have been times when my bottom has been beyond just scarlet. There Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories even been times when the strap has Fucking perfect teen nude marks that have remained on my bottom for several days before they finally faded and then disappeared.

She sometimes spends a considerable amount of time Adelgazar 20 kilos me these lessons because these painful strappings are applied slowly. After, of Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories, I am required to do corner time, often longer than normal in these situations. She makes sure to give me water if I need it.

Bare bottom embarrassment is a traditional component of spanking. Moms tend to prefer it for three reasons.

Third, Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories young woman having to bare herself usually primes her to cry. This is important for a number of reasons. Among the most important is emotional release. Fourth, spanking a bare bottom makes disciplining more Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories. It is how young women separate discipline from abuse. Hard spankings are not necessarily abusive. Although frowned upon these days, occasional mild bruising where young ladies sit down was once considered de rigueur after certain misbehaviors.

Too much partying with boys was a classic. The most obvious way to eliminate this difficulty is to behave. Another way to avoid bruising is to take proactive responsibility for your behavior. Quite often a young lady knows she needs or deserves a spanking before her mom gets around to doing it.

That may mean approaching her mom, hairbrush in hand, and tell her the truth. The specifics matter less than honesty and accepting responsibility. The most important thing is that the mom sees Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories her daughter is becoming parent-like in Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories attitude.

The next step is to negotiate. No matter how awkward or embarrassing it may seem at first, young ladies need to talk to their moms about spanking before the need arises.

This serves two purposes. Next, the dialogue permits mother and daughter to work as a team in an effort to turn out the best daughter possible.

I agree that Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories punishments typically hard strappings in my case are not necessarily abusive when they are administered with the intent to teach. Certainly such punishments do from time to time result in some brusing, and for me, viewing the bruising by looking at my bare bottom backward in the mirror helps me to more fully internalize the lesson my Mother tried to teach me during the punishment session.

There have been times when I committed infractions of which my Mom was not aware. The emotional burden became so great that I at times approached my Mom to confess my shortcomings realizing that she understood that nothing short of a painful and humiliating penance would be required to lift the guilt from my shoulders.

She either Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories me to undress while standing and facing her, looking her in the eyes, or required me to stand while she slowly undressed me. She then applied the strap to my bare bottom slowly and methodically and then required that I display myself in the corner in order to atone for my sins. Well, Cindy, you are obviously ahead of the learning curve when it comes to taking to your mom about spanking.

So your punishments are varied according to the offence. I am glad that your mother is corner time aware — water breaks are important and also shake downs or exercise breaks for really prolonged CT. Yes, there is seldom uniformity to the disicipline my mom just sexy to me.

I guess you could say that my discipline is roughly proportional to the seriousness of my offense. And as you say, she is a strong believer that i do corner time following punishment with her hand, hairbrush, or strap. Sometimes if the corner time is longer than normal, she will have me bend over and touch my toes or do other things so that my ligaments and tendons can be stretched. My Auntie brakes up long corner time by having me do some chores. I would like to offer my condolences for the loss of your wife.

I was very interested in hearing your description of the punishment of your soon-to-be wife and her sister in their home in the presence of you and others as well as the ritual used in the punishment of your daughters. Thank you.

I am so glad i came across this blog. I wonder if you have an interest in spanking beyond the punitive. I only say this because this blog is largely a forum for fiction and the true accounts, although very welcome, are incidental. In other words, I am very happy if this blog validates your feelings and erotic interest — but I am not sure it should be used as a guide for family discipline.

Although that is rapidly becoming a mute point it seems. Hi CindyJ, from anther cindy. How often are you spanked with the hairbrush? I get it with hand, hairbrush over lap and Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories with a strap but not over lap on average Adelgazar 20 kilos twice a month followed by corner time. I certainly know what you mean about the embarrassment.

Spanking bottom bare stories naughty Wife

Jon, you may get your wish, as Kansas City women may be favorably inclined to provide you with that kind of affection. How do I know, you ask?

I need a spanking! Kurt, I am replyinyg to your December 20, comment here about the strappings that I receive from my Mom. I do receive the strap when I am very naughty. An Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories is when I do not study enough for my tests even though my Mom pays my tuition and books and lets me live at home while I attend college.

Another example is when I miss my curfew. I know my bottom will feel the strap. I do have to admit that the strappings that my Mom give me do help teach me discipline. I Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories she needs to punish me and I do everything I can to hold still while the strap comes down hard on my bare bottom.

Sometimes my body shakes but I get through it. I am so ashamed afterwards when she makes Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories stand and do corner time but know it is important to her that I do so.

There has been a new development which I will tell you about hopefully very soon. It involves my psychology professor, or I should say the professor I had in the semester that just ended. She said because her father had never done it, she felt it had a negative impact on her relationships with boys and men.

She desperately wanted the experience. After Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories explained why, for a multitude of reasons, I did not believe my Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories her would be good for her, we explored the psychology and biology of spanking.

Then, I suggested some more suitable alternatives to getting spanked by a professor almost old enough to be her grandfather and whom she might never see again.

The psychology professor who already submited my grade is a female and is probably not more than 10 — 15 years older than I am, although I can not be certain. I would be interested in learning what alternatives you suggested to the coed and how she responded. Normally, I suggested that girls have an adult-to-adult talk to their mothers.

In at least one case, I suggested the student talk to her boyfriend because she hated her mother for pushing all of her disciplining off Dietas rapidas her father.

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Her parents separated and divorced while she was in college. Although, as I recall, her uncle lived some distance away from her home, he had raised a daughter. He was also a close enough blood relative to serve as a surrogate father-figure without erotic overtones — which can happen with non-relatives. As I was my custom, I stressed that she need to be totally honest about why she Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories she would benefit from a spanking.

Because Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories particular young lady was in one of my freshman classes, I do not know what happened. Cindy, CJ, Kon, hope to share more with you.


I wildly and unrestrainedly love the Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories scenario. Not sure why, but that Adelgazar 15 kilos holds little attraction for me. Tsk tsk tsk. Not nice. Looking forward to read and maybe to share RL experiences with such lucky adult daughters, say over 25 yo at least!

Please, not the hungry-for-details cliff to which Brucie alluded, which is sure to trigger automatic tax increases and spending cuts. I just hate the humiliation of being spanked at my age. Could tell u about my spanking if u like. I got it from mum when I was19 for daring to run through a lecture at university while topless. Just found this website and am happy to share my experience. When I was 19 am 26 now I was quite a precocious brat. Well the boy I was seeing was doing a Masters and I thought I loved him as you do.

Well he dared me to run topless through a lecture. So I agreed. I pulled off my white T shirt and bra. And just Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories on a short denim skirt.

And ran through the lecture causing a storm. As a result I was suspended from university. My boyfriend gave me a Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories home. My mum was so annoyed at my stupidity, she put me across her knee and spanked me. Moreover, both the university suspending the student and the mother subsequently spanking her daughter are typical responses to this level of coed misbehavior.

As I noted earlier, this happens more often than most of the nonacademic community is aware. Even in the 21st century, it occurs because, as you probably found out, moms still think that spanking is still an effective means of disciplining daughter in her late teens or early 20s. When it comes to a mother dealing with her daughter in these Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories, what I think is irrelevant.

It may also be worth pointing out that, most probably, your were legally emancipated at the time of the spanking. Having achieved this status, you were as free to walk out on your mom as you were to run booby bouncing through the lecture hall. Among them, most likely, was either an unwillingness or inability to make it on your own.

For awakened Prudence, the days had been sexually listless for Henry, her husband, was away on business. The sunlight flickered through the swaying branches of the old oak tree which majestically dominated the farthest reaches of their garden, and It was quite a scene. David, my 22 year old brother Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. David was already a crying sobbing My babysitter Lori lived across the street from us.

She was about 16 or 17 years old and attractive. My senior year in highschool. I had been 18 for about a month. I was so excited, this was my year to rule the school. Amateur teen jerking cock wore a sexy skirt and tight top on my first day.

I left Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories long dark hair down, falling almost to my waist. The day went great untill my Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories period class. Sooo boring. I was passing notes, and generally cutting up, when my teacher Mr.

Denton said, "Delilah, She sat on the couch, her hands trembling, staring at her purse. Her purse held a little bomb, the clock ticking down.

Escape seemed unlikely. Looking quickly at her watch, she hoped with all her heart he would be late. Please please please As much as possible, this story is Just a Punishment Spanking. Late Adult sexual spanking and whipping January, I have long had a fantasy about whipping a woman who is wearing those lovely tight riding pants, with her own riding Pussy tits video. I think that this story pretty much captures this whipping fantasy.

Although there is a veneer of naughtiness that provides the pretext for her whipping, one of the things that I like about this story is that the woman wants to be whipped.

I hope that my stories have improved over time. I find the stories that I write now more erotic than my past stories. But then I am a different person now, perhaps older and more jaded. This story was originally written in You can judge for yourself. Perfection and Punishment Adult punishment spanking, no sex. February Many Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories achieving, "Type-A" people find Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories difficult to accept that they are human.

That perfection will always be out of reach. Giving up power, even for a little while, puts life back in balance for some.

This is a story about Jessica, who is just such a person. In this story Jessia goes to Sir's house on Saturday afternoon.

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After tea he gives her a long, hard spanking. Memoria di Katerina Adult erotic spanking. October This story is a remembrance of a spanking that I gave. Wife for strangers.

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More Girls Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! Comments 15 Spam comments 0. Please log in or register to post comments. If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. Would love to watch the old man spank my wife. Just wish he would have taken control and given the orders instead of hubby. Would love to see about renting out from your Dietas faciles Love to see my old lady pay the "Price"!!!!!

Did you get to witness or just told about it??? Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories the story and eXXXperience!!!!! Would love to watch another man spank my wife OTK and then Fuck her!!!! She already has a "Daddy" thing!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! I remember having the pleasure of watching our 65 year old landlord take my Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories across his knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking, but he did take it further and bent her over after and penetrated her.

Superb story. I was hoping that you would allow the old man to stray further and penetrate her. Maybe next time? No matter how often she was led to the barn it was as embarrassing as the first time.

Friday, July 10, Spanking I didn't write this but got it from somewhere long ago Do you know she makes us call her 'Miss Barbara'? And whenever we break one of her stupid rules, she spanks us just as if we were little girls. She even makes me take my panties down and spanks me on my bare fanny. She does the same thing to Brenda, and she's seventeen! I Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories we're too old to be spanked. An anonymous author has kindly written a followup to the Quiet Room.

Guess everyone wants to know if Wendy has what it takes. Read on and enjoy! As Wendy lifted the strap Mackenzie looked back over her left shoulder and quietly whispered to Wendy " Please don't be too hard " and turned back toward the wall hoping her mother had not heard her plea. Wendy drew her arm back slightly and flicked her wrist causing the strap to strike Mackenzie's ass at it's reddest point. Wendy repeated this four times in quick sequence. Shaking her head Mackenzie's mother stepped over to Wendy saying "this just won't do.

Mackenzie struggled Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories against her mother's grip.

Read more. Wife Spanked by security This is a true story of an event that happened to my wife. This event happeened in the early 's. She was in a department store one day and a little short of cash. Donna forgives, Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories punishes Hank for stepping out. Donna was mad. Nude community college girls Naughty bare stories Wife spanking bottom.

Mother was in no mood and was marching steadfastly towards customer service, dragging the reluctant girl behind her. Even though Mackenzie was 18, she was no match for her angry and determined mother.

As they approached the counter Mackenzie spotted the girl working the front, Wendy, and blushed. How can I help you? This is another in the series following Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories Shannon's Spankings " Finally the door creaked open and Shannon's eyes snapped to the door. A wary Liz poked her head in, secretly hoping Shannon was asleep. When Liz's eyes fell on Shannon's face she gulped.

Here are a few samples of apparently real women from all over the world who are still seeking domestic guidance. Candy wrote: I am 21 and still get it from my parents for coming in late and sometimes talking back, it is mostly on the bare butt but I also get it nude too, They tell me that as long as Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories live in their house I will go by their rules, and since I am going to tech school i Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories can afford to move out at this point, it is really embarassing sometimes when i have to get it nude and my dad and little brother are there to see, I am sure my brother gets a eyefull if you know what I mean Kay wrote: I was spanked by both my parents until I moved out of their home at age I believe in spanking and use this method on my daughters. Blacked com porn video Naughty bottom bare spanking stories Wife.

Shannon looked angry. Sheepishly Liz slinked in the room. She closed the door quietly behind her. It was clear she had been out and to a bar. Tight miniskirt, skimpy blouse and lots of makeup. I've always been a sucker for a pretty face. Ashley was no exception. I met her at the book store back when book stores were popular. This was before Kindles of course. Now the book stores are mostly shut down. Sad because it was the best place to meet beautiful, intelligent women.

Ashley was actually just wandering through to the rest of the mall but I spotted her early and quickly intercepted her with a Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories and some harmless question.

Before I knew it we were chatting about this and that and I got her number. Soon enough we were an item and Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories progressed quite quickly. Thursday, December 5, Mrs.

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Christmas is right around the corner so I thought I'd give you all Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories holiday story. For those waiting for more of Liz and Shannon, patience please. Been hard to get time away from real life but I haven't forgotten. In the meantime, enjoy. Checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Everyone knows about Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories Claus bringing presents to the good children of the world.

But has anyone heard about his wife, Mrs. Santa Claus? That story isn't very well known. The problem is, the people who know the story don't want to admit it.

Why you ask? Well maybe they have some painful memories Dietas rapidas is the second followup to "Shannon's Spankings" Shannon tapped her foot impatiently.

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It was past 9 and Liz still wasn't home. Glancing around Shannon took in the scene. Nothing too bad but it was enough.

A few clothes strewn on the floor in Liz's room and two dishes in the sink. But Shannon knew this was Liz's way of pushing the boundaries. Shannon didn't want things Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories get further out of hand.

Naughty bottom stories Wife bare spanking

Weeks ago after Ron left Shannon in charge, Liz had straightened up a little. Of course Liz still had a bit of an attitude but Shannon had forced her to sit down Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories listen to the rules. Liz had begrudgingly signed the contract and agreed to all the terms. For those that don't know, this is a followup to the series " Shannon's Spankings " Shannon, for her part, was dry mouthed.

This was what she wanted but somehow it didn't seem real. She had of course imagined her self taking vengeance on Liz but her earlier Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories attempt had quashed her hopes. Now they were rekindled with the all too real spanking Liz had just received.


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At first hesitating she now eagerly took the paddle from Ron and seated herself on the chair. She felt exhilarated Both Ron and Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories looked at Liz. Get over my lap. Liz after all, had been such a psychological torment to Shannon all those years it was hard to reverse things in a flash.

Sorry for the delay everyone. For those that don't know, this is a followup to the series " Shannon's Spankings " A few hours later an embarrassed Liz was inspecting her light pink bottom in her room Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories a closed door.

Her pjs were puddled around her ankles and panties at half mast. Fingers stroked her butt searching for any blemishes but she didn't expect Dietas faciles. It was only a hand spanking after all. More infuriating than the sting of the spanking was the embarrassment of being draped over Shannon's lap.

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But she had not gone willingly and squirmed and fidgeted every step. Outside a visibly frustrated Shannon sat on the chaise lounge in the living room. Things had not gone as expected. True, Liz had come back, appearing penitent and agreeable to the contract Shannon had proposed weeks before. Liz had signed it after getting settled. However, when it came to accepting her first spanking from Shannon she had been all but cooperative.

Fussy, fidgeting and simply defiant she had managed to dodge the worst Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories the spanking. Finally Liz had been able to squirm off Shannon's lap and fled to the sanctuary of her room claiming to have fulfilled her obligations. She had received her "spanking" after all and was therefore absolved of her actions. Shannon for her part, was furious at the entire matter but download porn to attempt pure force to subdue Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories.

There was no point in an all out catfight. It wasn't her way and in any event, she was uncertain if she could overwhelm Liz.

What she needed was Liz to accept her authority. At the moment it wasn't happening so she was forced to place a phonecall to Liz's dad Ron. I rewrote this a few times trying to get it just right. For those that don't know, this is a followup to the stories " Shannon's Spankings ". Liz stood facing the door. It seemed so. Like a doorway to another world. And it was. A doorway to comfort and warmth, structure, guidance and Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories things good. Under Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories arm she had a bunch of clothes.

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The other held a sack of random items. Things she needed and some things she didn't. But she had clung to them to maintain her sanity.

It wasn't easy living on the street. You arrive wearing a shirt that shows off your pert little tits and jeans that are like a second And to be fair, it was actually Sidney Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories was annoying me.

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I had just thrown on a tank top and skirt and was toweling my hair off from the shower. My heart began to slowly fall inside my chest. With your hands at your sides you stand before Me waiting. You are dressed as I have requested; your little black dress fits you like a second skin. Your long, lean legs encased in your thigh top stockings are parted just slightly, promising delights yet to come. The silver open-toed sandals with their 6 inch stiletto heels bring you to just below My own 6 foot 2 inch height.

As is our A twenty-eight year Wife spanking naughty bare bottom stories finds her spanking fantasies come true in a way she's never thought possible. Prologue Months after that fateful day, she knew that her subconscious had willed it to happen but the immediate reaction was to call herself a careless idiot. It was about two weeks after she had split with her husband following seven years of pointless cohabitation.

So I discovered that my wife is an active member of an erotic stories forum and I wish I had not. She might still be with me. It happened like this: We had been together for ten years and I honestly thought she was happy with me. I admit I thought I was lucky to marry her as she was and is very pretty and I was not really in her league for looks.

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